Friday, 6 December 2013

Best advertising solutions for affiliate marketing

Best advertising solutions for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become a huge tool for advertisers and publishers alike. It allows advertisers to enhance their opportunity for clicks, usually at no cost. It allows publishers to get two ads for the price of one. Even third parties can be successful by using only affiliate marketing as a tool to make money.

Business are paying affiliates very well for both unique visitors and more substantial commitments. Once an affiliate link is placed, everybody has the ability to profit. The publisher gets paid for the advertising. The affiliate gets visitors and or customers or members.

And the person placing the affiliate link gets paid for each of those visitors and for any purchases they make or members they gain. The most important aspect of affiliate marketing is that the ads and links end up on the  right pages.

It is useless for both the affiliate, marketer and the publisher and/or advertiser are not matched properly. For example, no one would really win if a link for a fitness club was on an ad for a fast food restaurant. The affiliate and the ad or page they are on have to be the ones most likely to get not only impressions, but potential customers or clients to click through.

Affiliates are basically just paying other people to sell their products and services and both sides win as the target affiliate gets more visitors and customers and the person who placed the ad or link gets paid for each successful click through visitor to the affiliate.

The people placing the affiliate ads can do their own research and try to pair themselves with the right sites and advertisers. But it would be especially difficult for the smaller businesses that really profit from affiliate marketing and it won't secure the rates or frequency that might make for the most lucrative link placement.

Doing affiliate marketing as an individual is very difficult and nearly impossible. The best way to get matched with the right ads and publishers is for affiliate links and marketers to get involved with a contextual advertising network.

A site like has the right tools to instantly make sure the ads, products or services, sites and affiliate link are all matched together so that everybody has the best chance to be seen by the right potential audience. makes it simple for everyone to sign up and have their ads and links aligned almost immediately. Ads can be up in a matter of minutes once all of the accounts are established.

For the most effective affiliate marketing, it is best to be part of a network that can make everyone profit by keeping costs down and saving valuable time for all parties.


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